Hijab Row: Resignation by lecturers



A guest lecturer in Karnataka at Tumkuru’s Jain PU college has quit. Amid the controversy over restrictions on wearing a hijab at educational institutions triggered a massive debate. 

The Karnataka High Court has been hearing a slew of petitions against the government order. 

Students and teachers in the southern state were restricted from wearing hijabs, saffron shawls, or any religious symbols inside the classrooms. High Court’s decision came up last week soon after which it was made compulsory.

The resignation letter was written by the faculty of English of Jain PU College, called Chandini. She resigned saying she was exempted from wearing a Hijab which she has been wearing for the past 3 years of her teaching journey.

“For the last three years, I am a guest lecturer at Jain PU college. In these three years, I have had no trouble at all and working comfortably. But yesterday morning our principal sir called us. He told us that we shouldn’t wear the Hijab or represent any religious symbols and that they had ordered,” Chandini, the guest lecturer said. 

“So for the last three years, She continued wearing the Hijab and conducting classes. This (restriction) was against her self-respect so she has resigned on her own. The lecturer said that she was no longer working for the college without the hijab. She portrayed her voice through a video and a resignation letter.

Her hand-written resignation letter said,” I condemn your undemocratic act”. 

The hijab row started from Karnataka’s Udupi a couple of weeks ago. It has led to a nationwide debate. 

Amid the protests, nonviolence, and brutal aggression, the school colleges were kept close. and no social gatherings were allowed near the school.

The Karnataka High Court will continue to hear the matter on Friday afternoon. 


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